DAYA Wellness Program

Do you need a jump start for your exercise program? Are looking to develop healthier lifestyle habits? Try our Wellness Program. Our instructors’ curriculum-based program was specifically researched and designed for optimal results. DAYA Wellness Program’s systematic approach allows both you and our instructors to clearly focus on your goals and help you get started… Continue reading

Continuing Education & General Workshops

Practice your teaching skills and advance your teaching profession with Continuing Education Workshops. General Workshops provide an opportunity to explore yoga/wellness related topics that are not explored in general classes. The following topics will be held at Yoga Daya Studio in 2018.

Pranayama Workshop, Yoga Philosophy, The Art of Sequencing Intensive, Advanced Asana Workshop, Yoga for Scoliosis (Part 1,2,3), Gratitude Workshop Weekend, and Live Yoga DemonstrationsContinue reading


Yoga Daya is dedicated to offering you the best comprehensive Teacher Training whether you want to become a yoga teacher or are attending to deepen your yoga practice. We offer 200 Hour and 300 Hour Teacher Training Programs, as well as a three month Mentorship Program specifically for graduates of our Teacher Training Programs… Continue reading

Group Classes

In conjunction with Tulsi’s Wellness Programs and Scoliosis Workshops, she is offering Scoliosis Yoga Classes at Yoga Daya Studio. Designed for students with scoliosis as well as yoga teachers, these classes will help you understand and experience the benefits of yoga on breathing, increased awareness of the spine, and overall posture.

Scoliosis Yoga Classes meet the following dates in 2018:

Fridays (10:30-11:45am)
April 27th
May 25th
July 27th
October 26th
November 30th

Click here to sign up for group classes and to view class schedule.