Tulsi has helped students reduce pain,  regain a more balanced body and mind, and rejuvenate their overall joy and healthful well-being.

After visiting Yoga Daya, many of our students have naturally referred us to their friends and family. We would highly value your comments on our social media profiles or an online review.

If currently, you are not our student, we welcome you to read the reviews on our online profiles below placed by our happy members. Afterward, please make your appointment by calling (310) 558-YOGA(9642) for a great experience, and see for yourself!


“I love the studio! Tulsi is an amazing teacher, parking is easy, the studio is warm and supportive. Best yoga in town!”


~ Jacy

“I went to this yoga studio while I was in grad school and living in Palms. I’ve tried several other yoga studios but nothing compares! Tulsi is the most amazing instructor and really takes the time to explain the poses and make you feel extremely calm and fulfilled during class, even if your life (like mine when I was finishing my masters degree) was chaotic and stressful. I have since moved away from Palms (and this wonderful studio), and miss it every time I go to my new spot. 🙁 ”


~ Vicky

“I never thought I would enjoy yoga, and had tried several other “flow” classes. At Yoga Daya the emphasis is on form and alignment, which I appreciate. Tulsi and the other instructors are very knowledgeable, and most have paid careful attention to everyone’s form, seeing when a student could use some assistance with her form.”


~ Judy

“I often joke that one can run, but can’t hide in Tulsi’s yoga class. As an instructor, she has one of the keenest eyes I know for form and for understanding her students’ bodies and capabilities. In the three years I have taken Tulsi’s classes, I’ve grown immensely in my Iyengar yoga practice – that is, in understanding my body, its alignment in asanas (and sometimes lack thereof) and how I can apply the practice of ‘meditation in action’ to other aspects of life; as a result, not only am I a better yoga student, but a more aware human being outside class. I would encourage anybody to try Tulsi’s class, you’ll be hooked after the first class!!”


~ José


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