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Do you need a jump start for your exercise program? Are looking to develop healthier lifestyle habits? Try my Daya Wellness Program. Wellness Programs are customized to meet your needs. Whether you are interested in reducing chronic pain, improving posture, or getting started on a regular exercise Program, the Daya Wellness Program is right for you. Schedule an initial consultation today.

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Staying connected with your instructor is a breeze with our dual communication platform. Check in effortlessly in-studio or via Video for your Personalized program sessions.

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First, jump on chat video or schedule an in-studio consultation with Tulsi Laher to share your goals. Then, choose a DAYA Wellness Program that best meets your health and wellness aspirations. We have a variety of preset plans or you can create a custom plan designed for quantifiable results.

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Testimonial:  “I learnt a lot about keeping my posture straight. The exercises were useful and my back no longer hurts most of the time. Tulsi has been understanding and made sure I go the best out of every session.”